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What we offer;

  1. Find a practitioner local to you
  2. Online appointment bookings
  3. Online aftercare so you can keep track with your new health plan
    1. Online diet sheets
    2. Exercise techniques
    3. Mediations
    4. Breathing techniques
    5. Treatment plans
    6. Daily regimes
    7. Lifestyle tips
  4. Additional high quality ayurvedic products
  5. Recipes to suit your new health plan
  6. Articles on Ayurveda and health tips
  7. Health newsletters
  8. Foods and other related product

Ayurvedic Doctors, practitioners and therapists use to dispense quality herbal supplements and keep patients on track with their treatment plans. Unlike other Ayurvedic retailers, only offer medicinal herbs under the guidance of a qualified Doctor, practitioner or therapist and we guarantee our products are never past the expiry, counterfeit, stored incorrectly or containing heavy metals.

We have also developed an aftercare section where you will find Yoga programmes, diet plans and lifestyle plans tailored to your imbalance diet plans based on your consultant’s recommendations. We will support your aftercare by automatically linking data from your consultation to create your individual programme. All the information in your aftercare will be discussed with you in your 1 to 1 private consultation with one of our consultants.

We will also help you further with your dietary needs with free recipes tailored to your imbalance or a meal delivery service where you can even purchase a suitable meal for your imbalance which will be sent to directly to your door.

You will also have access to many off the shelve products that can assist in you in your new health regime.

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